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Quantity: 1 box (20pcs per pack / 6 packs per box) Total 120pcs

Description: CareDent Picnix Interdental brushes have been designed for Optimum cleaning. They are easy to insert in-between teeth. These not only look great but come with a 360 degree able-turn to help reach those awkward places in the mouth. A quality bi-material handle means it’s easy to grip and non-slip with the finest tapered bristles and a plastic coated wire for additional comfort. 

  • Total 120pcs per box
  • 360-degree able-turn to reach all corners of the mouth
  • Finest tapered bristles
  • Plastic coated wire
  • Non-slip handle
  • Easy to use and insert in between teeth
  • Cap with every brush to extend the length of the handle
  • Resealable bag for added convenience


  • Size0 .4mm, Size1 .45mm, Size2 .50mm, Size3 .60mm, Size4 .70mm, Size5 .80mm,

    Size6 .90mm, Size7 1.1mm



SKU 3760
Brand CareDent

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