Size: 20 x 85g sachets (for dilution in buckets)

Surfex® is intended for use on environmental surfaces and for non-critical medical devices such as hospital beds and theatre trolleys, floors and other hard surfaces. Surfex’s unique formula of buffered peracetic acid and surfactants ensure it will provide maximum disinfectant efficacy critical for healthcare environments.


  • Surfex® is proven to kill Clostridium difficile (and spores)*, Norovirus, Parvovirus and VRE.
  • World's first proven Dry Surface Biofilm Remover with scientific data. 
  • Proven to reduce bacterial loading within a dry surface biofilm both under clean and dirty conditions.
  • SURFEX® has excellent materials compatibility especially when compared with Chlorine/Bleach.
  • Surfex® requires a 5 minute contact time at 20C for disinfection.
  • Surfex® offers versatility in routine hospital and healthcare cleaning. 
  • An In-built detergent system that allows 'all in one' cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.  
  • Significantly superior disinfection performance versus chlorine. 
  • Patented colour coded indicator system shows when Surfex's biocidally active concentrate is safe to use.
  • Included on the TGA (Australian Registration of Theraputic Goods)
  • ARTG No. 257360



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Brand Whiteley

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