This kit does NOT contain the custom Tooth Whitening Trays.  Please see your Dentist to have custom trays made for the perfect fit.

Cavex Holland has introduced Australia’s first and only complete whitening system.  Developed and extensively tested, the ABC-Whitening-System is as easy as ABC.  The ABC stands for “Activate,” “Brighten,” and “Condition.”  Recommended by dentists and dental hygienists globally.

Cavex Bite&White is quick acting and easy to use, helping you achieve a bright and health smile.

How does it work? 

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Activation: The first step is with Cavex Bite&White StainLess. With it’s amazing ability to raise the pH of the mouth creating a perfect environment or whitening. This refreshing mint paste has two functions, an exceptional ability to remove surface stains and plaque allowing the whitening product to be in direct contact with the enamel surface.

Brightening: Effective and above all safe whitening gel with 16% carbamide peroxide (equal to 6% hydrogen peroxide) requires only 30-60 minute treatments. The addition of sodium fluoride helps to reinforce the enamel while potassium nitrate helps avoid any potential sensitivity.

Conditioning: Offers fast and long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth thanks to a revolutionary blend of hydroxyapatite and a ‘hydro-dispersing clay.’ Thanks to the synergetic composition of Cavex Bite&White ExSense, the hydroxyapatite penetrates deep into the tubules and micro-cracks in the enamel, sealing off areas which may cause sensitivity helping restore micro-hardness and accelerates the re-mineralization process.

By following these easy steps, the Cavex Bite&White ABC whitening system guarantees a highly effective, safe and above all – pain free whitening treatment.


For optimum results with your Cavex Bite&White home whitening system we recommend the following:

1. The best time for whitening your teeth is in the evening, preferably not too long before you go to bed.

The reason for this is that you are not likely to be eating or drinking anything then or while you are asleep and this will allow your teeth to ‘recover’ from the whitening treatment.

2. Avoid smoking and consuming strongly coloured agents during the whitening period. This includes things like coffee, tea, red wine, cola, curry, turmeric, spinach etc. The rule of thumb is: if a foodstuff will cause a stain on a white tablecloth, it may affect your teeth in a similar way. Try to eat and drink mainly white and neutrally coloured foodstuffs. You can resume your normal eating/drinking habits 24 hours after the whitening treatment.

3. Avoid using too much whitening gel. If you are applying the whitening gel to the tray yourself, apply one drop per element (tooth) and avoid overdosing. Using more whitening gel will not accelerate the whitening process and may irritate your gums.

4. What should you do if your teeth are sensitive during or after whitening? Sensitivity of the teeth may occur during or after whitening, and although this is a temporary phenomenon you may find it is a problem.



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