Size: 1 pack

Description: A selection of premium personal protection products for everyday use.  Ideal for travelling and when out and about. 

  • Premium TGA approved products
  • Perfect travel size
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Convenient size for handbags, cars and the office

Each pack contains:

  • 4 x P2 face masks individually wrapped
  • 1 x Novogel 50ml hand sanitiser
  • 1 x Ki-ose395 wipes

P2 Face Masks

Description: Premium Quality Australian Made P2/FFP2 Respirator Masks.

AMD’s NANO-TECH FFP2/P2 Particulate Respirators (disposable) feature advanced filtering and design details that allow them to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time while maintaining their class-leading functionality over standard melt blown filter respirators. Cutting-edge nanofibre filters are incorporated into a face-contouring design that create an effective barrier against potentially harmful airborne particles and aerosols such as dust, virus, and bacteria. Nanofibre technology ensures excellent breathability and lightness even with the assurance of four protective layers.


  • They're the first P2/FFP2 respirator masks manufactured in Australia
  • TGA Approved TGA-335981
  • The nano-filter filters out 99.6% of particles as tested by VICLAB (BSI) 17.7.20 (compared to about 30% for many imported masks)
  • They’re certified to Australia & NZ standard AS/NZS 1716:2012
  • They have four protective layers to protect you from airborne virus'
  • They use cutting-edge nanotechnology, to make them light and breathable


  • Nano-filters, comprised of nanofibres, deliver higher filtration efficiency than standard melt blown filters and are lighter and more breathable.
  • They also maintain their functionality after exposure to moisture while typical filters lose their electrostatic properties once exposed to water.
  • AMD’s nano-filters are water resistant and protective against airborne particles, aerosols, and liquid.


  • Innovative three panel design fits naturally around the nose and mouth creating a better seal and aesthetic.
  • Elastic ear loops hold the respirator securely in place.
  • A soft inner layer and moldable padded nose bridge wire provide extra comfort.


  • Nano-filter respirators are lighter than standard respirators and allow enhanced breathability which allow them to be worn for hours. 
  • The three panel design unfolds to shape naturally around the face maximising ventilation around the nose and mouth while still maintaining an effective seal to the environment. Nano-filter respirators are potentially viable options for populations with breathing restrictions such as the elderly and those with heart and lung conditions.
  • Packaging: 

  • Each nano-filter respirator is individually packaged for hygiene and designed to fold flat to facilitate portability and storage.

  • Individual wrapping makes it convenient to carry and distribute without contamination.

Ki-ose wipes

Ki-ose 395  is a high efficacy Hospital Grade Disinfectant wipe for surfaces. It provides broad spectrum disinfection in healthcare, industrial, institutional and household settings. An excellent and convenient wipe for use in high touch areas such as offices, meeting rooms, vehicle interiors and when travelling.

For aircraft, it is effective and approved for use in galleys, on trolleys, passenger seats and tablets, luggage compartments, all surfaces in lavatories and in the cabin. Ki-ose 395 will not harm or damge fabrics, plastic, metals, rubber or other surfaces.  It has been tested against the relevant aviation materials standards and is compliant with the requirements of the airbus consumable materials list and conforms to European Norms EN standards.

Features & Benefits:

  • TGA Listed Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipe
  • ARTG No. 336973
  • Kills 99.99% of most of harmful bacteria and viruses including enveloped viruses

  • Ready to use travel pack of 30 wipes

  • Ideal for use when travelling on public transport or shared workplace areas

  • Germicidal solution for disinfection of small surfaces and equipment

  • 160 x 200 mm non-woven spun lace wipes


  • For hard surfaces rub the wipe and let it act for a few seconds.

  • A potable water rinse is required when disinfecting food contact surfaces.

  • Close the pack tightly after use to prevent the wipes from drying out.

  • Discard used wipes and the empty sachet into a waste container. Do not flush in a toilet.


  • For hard surfaces rub the wipe and let it act for a few seconds. A potable water rinse is required when disinfecting food contact surfaces. 
    Close the pack tightly after use to prevent the wipes from drying out. Discard used wipes and the empty sachet into a waste container.

​Novogel Hand Sanitiser

Description: Novogel AB Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel

  • Novogel AB Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel 50ml is specifically formulated to provide anti-bacterial protection in situations where exposure to different bacterial contamination is possible or likely. Novogel AB includes aloe Vera and is pH balanced, and so protects skin from dryness & irritation.


  • Kills 99.99% of germs fast
  • With 70% ethanol content
  • Includes Aloe Vera skin moisturisers
  • pH balanced and protects the skin from dryness and irritation
  • Excellent size for travelling, handbags, pockets and everyday personal use
  • Formulated to meet the infection control guidelines recommended by the World Health Organisation and The US Centers for Disease Control
    • Apply 1–2 pumps to clean, dry hands.
    • Rub over the whole hand surface until dry.
    • This takes approximately 30 seconds.
    • Repeat for full effectiveness. Do NOT rinse off. No water or towel is required.


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